How Much Do Plasterers Cost In Sydney?

How much a plasterer will cost you in Sydney is determined by two main factors; type of work to be done and level of experience required to do the job properly. Plastering is a trade that requires a lot of skills, so when hiring a plasterer, it is important to hire someone who will do a commendable job.

Usually, when hiring a plasterer, the rate that they will give you covers all the work that they will do and the materials required. It is wise to get recommendations from people who have had plastering works done for them. It is also good to have a feel of what your plasterer can do by asking them to show you examples of tasks that they have done previously.

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Plasterers in Sydney cost an average of the following prices depending on the work to be done:

Type of work                                                 Cost

Dry wall plastering                                         $20 -$37 per square meter

Contemporary– whole house                         $10,600 – $14,000 per 150 square meter home

Contemporary– single room                           $1,350 – $1760 per 3m x 4m x 3m room

Victorian style– whole house                         $19,500 – $30,900 per 150 square meter home

Victorian style- single room                            $2,300 – $3,680 per 3m x 4m x 3m room

Solid plastering                                               $30 – $70 per square meter

Most plasterers will charge per square meter instead of using an hourly rate. Other plasterers will prefer to charge for a whole room or a whole house considering the level of detail required after completion of work.

There may be additional costs that you may incur. These costs are due to the difficulty of the tasks to be performed. The more the details in the room that require plastering, the more it will cost you.

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