Cost Of Ceiling Repairs Per Square Meter In Perth

Most homeowners in Perth, Australia spend an average of $680 for ceiling repairs and $1,301 for installing a ceiling. The cost for both repairing and installing ceiling coverings will vary depending on the finish, size, and material used for the ceiling.

The following are the average costs per square meter for ceiling materials and repair in Perth:

– Drywall: $25 average cost for repairs. $10 to $20 per 8-foot x 4-foot panel.

– Ceiling Tiles: $20 to $25 for supplies plus $0.84 to $1.04 per square foot; for a 10-foot x 12-foot ceiling, a kit will cost approximately $100; to replace damaged tiles will cost $0.84 to $1.04 per square foot for the repair work.

– Press Tin Panels: Average $18 cost for a new panel; $2 to $10 average cost for repairing cracks using auto body filler; $18 for 2-foot x 4-foot panel.

– Panelling: Depending on the finish and material, $1 to $34 per foot; average repair costs of $5 to $20 using wood putty to fill in or new panel cost if a replacement is necessary.

– Ceiling Medallions: $25 to $300 and up; a majority of repairs will require replacing the medallions or a professional carpenter will need to be hired ($35 to $100 per hour rate).

– Wallpaper: If you have any leftover paper for patching damaged areas then your repairs will be free; $3 to $100 and up per roll that measures 21 inches x 16.5 feet.

Other covers, including the speaker, fan, and light covers have an average cost of $8 to $100 each, depending on their design and the material the cover is made out of; usually repairs will require the covers to be replaced.

What Are Ceiling Covers?

Although it is overhead and out of the sight, for the most part, many people have a tendency to overlook the importance and design of their ceiling.

Homeowners are using ceiling covers more and more to transform the appearance of their rooms to conceal damage or add architectural detail and warmth.

Ceiling covers do exactly what their name implies – they cover up the existing ceiling. There are specialty covers that are available that add a safety or decorative component to vents, light fixtures, and fans.

Where Ceiling Covers Can Be Used

You can use ceiling covers anywhere you would like to hide textured ceilings like popcorn ceilings, drywall, joists, plumbing, or exposed wires.

They are also a fairly inexpensive remodelling option. If you are going to add a ceiling cover to a bathroom or the basement, then select a product that has been designed for withstanding those conditions.

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