Residential Interior Plastering Services

Our plastering service includes residential building, renovation, repairs or improvement projects.

We have a range of interior plastering services. We would be delighted to help if you’re building a new residential home. Our expert plasterers have worked with many builders and owner builders.

Interior plastering can really add a lot of value to your home. We would be delighted to help if you’re renovating your home. Our experienced plasterers have worked on many renovation projects.

We can help with all types of renovations, including rejuvenating or replacing floors, walls and ceilings as well as bathroom and kitchen renovations.

The Master Plasterers can help with your residential internal plastering requirements
We can help with your residential internal plastering

Renovations done right can significantly increase the value of your home.


The harsh Australian environment, general wear and tear and poor quality workmanship are some of the reasons for cracks, weathered and uneven walls.

We have repaired many interior walls in houses all around Australia and would be delighted to fix the cracks and imperfection’s in your walls.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, fixing the cracks will improve your chances of selling your home quickly and for your asking price.


Our Internal Plastering Services Include:

• Internal render (float coat) - this is the base for hard wall plaster and is used for texture coated or tiled surfaces and cabinets.
• Metal corner beads - these can be used for all internal corners including windows and ceilings. Metal corner beads help prevent chipping and result in a sharper look.
• Hardwall plastering (white set) - this is the finished product on most modern day interior walls and concrete ceilings. We add a glossy, shiny finish. You should consider using metal corner beads.
• Brick plastering - we can render over your internal brick wall. We can finish the wall with texture coating, sand finishing or internal plastering.

We are hard working, experienced plasterers that pride ourselves on quality workmanship.

Whether you’re building, renovating or repairing your interior walls you can count on us to provide high quality work at competitive prices.

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