What is White Set Plaster?

An internal wall system known as white set plaster has the following materials:

  • brick wall (also known as ‘substrate’)
  • cement render layer
  • lime plaster layer (also known as ‘white set’)
  • coat of sealer
  • two finished paint coats

The Master Plasterers answer, What is white set plaster?

White set plaster construction and finishing consist of three skilled trades—painting, plastering, and bricklaying. When done right, the finished product results in a durable, hard, and extremely smooth surface. For guaranteed results you should use an expert bricklayer, plasterer and painter.

Unless all painting, plastering, and bricklaying are done correctly, tradespeople will fail at plaster construction and finishing. This can lead to the project being delayed or the need for the project to be redone entirely.

Lime plaster layer usually provides a better finish to topcoat/basecoat. It is harder and the trowelling works to polish the plaster and give it a durable and dense finish.

Lime plaster layer is usually applied on cement render.

The Master Plasterers are experts at whit set plaster

Among solid plasterers, “Boral hard plaster” is the most used brand.

Before applying hard plaster, solid plasters must first dampen the render. This is effective at bonding the material and preventing the moisture of being sucked out rapidly. Applying white set has some difficulties such as timing and knowing how much to apply in a mix.

It tends to set very quickly and having it accumulated in the wall can end up in messy results.


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