What is Texture Coating?

Texture coating is adding sand to an existing thick paint coating. Texture coatings offer many finishes that differ in thickness and profile. When applied over rendered coating, it combines colors and textures in a hundred different ways. There are texture coatings that offer reasonably fine coatings that produce a finish similar to that of painted cement render. When applying texture coating on bricks, it is recommended to flush finish its joints. This will allow you to still see the shape of the bricks through the coating. Texture coating is not just applicable on external walls as it can be applied on weather board walls, painted brick surfaces, concrete ceilings, and internal surfaces.

For Texture coatings, we choose to use Dulux Acra-Tex Acrylic Texture Coatings because it is easy to apply. It can also withstand daily stress caused by expansion and contraction due to weather changes. Finally, it protects against alkali attack and will prevent shrinking or cracking from rendered substrates. This is why most residential builders and homeowners prefer this.

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