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Do You Require Plasterer For Your Building Or Renovation Project in Rockingham?    

Whether you're building or remodeling in Rockingham, you need dependable plasterer that get the project done on time. You have tight budgets and deadlines and demanding clients - we know the drill.

Does thinking about budget blowouts and missing essential deadlines keep you up at night? How did the talk go with your client when that happened?

Delivering on new building or renovation projects is what we do top. We're diligent, punctual and can get the project done on time and within budget.

If your residential or commercial project is within 50km of Rockingham we can travel to you.


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We help in building and renovation

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Looking To Repair Your Walls?

Are your walls cracked, weathered or uneven? Wouldn't it be excellent to have walls that looked fresh, vibrant and brand new?

Cracked walls only get worse with time and some cracks could mean major problems. Unsightly walls that make you feel uncomfortable; how long are you going to wait until you get them fixed?

Our plasterer have visited many families in Rockingham and helped rejuvenate their walls. We've had many families tell us how proud they are of their walls and the big difference our work made. Yes we work in and around Rockingham, WA.


Let us repair your walls

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The reasons walls become cracked, weathered or uneven…    

Cracks in your walls occur for many reasons but it's horizontal cracks you need to worry about.

Minor cracks, usually caused by dampness or changes in temperature are nothing to worry about.

You should be concerned if there are major cracks in your walls. Major cracks are usually the result of terrible foundations. Deep horizontal cracks in your floors, walls or ceilings indicate something could be seriously wrong. Get these cracks assessed by professionals right away.



Dampness can cause your walls to bloat, rot, mold or crumble; getting on top of this early prevents further damage.

One of the issues with walls that can always be prevented is sub-standard workmanship.

Please don't accept the lowest quote without doing further due diligence. Make sure you're comparing apples with apples. Often novice plasterer will quote low to get the work. Paying premiums for experience means you get superior quality workmanship, and high quality materials. When you've seen some of the jobs we've had to fix over the years you wouldn't think twice about getting quality plasterer.


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Preparing walls during building
Fixing cracked, weathered and uneven walls

 What we can do to fix cracked, weathered and uneven walls:

We have various products to fix interior walls. We can strip out of date plaster and re-plaster your walls. This can rejuvenate your home and make it look brand new.

We can apply another coat over the top of your current surface and sand it down so your walls and corners are smooth and even.

You can choose texture coating to completely transform your walls.

Often when retiling your walls get damaged in the process. We can apply plaster base coat so the wall is ready to be retiled.

We're reliable, reliable and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. We follow Australian guidelines, work safely and are fully insured. We guarantee turning up on time, working efficiently and safely and producing high quality work.


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 How much does it cost to plaster walls?

We'll need to look at your walls or your plans to be able to provide an accurate quote. We work with builders, renovators and home owners; our rates are always based on the type of plaster and surface area to be plastered. Our rates are always obligation free and competitively priced.

Do you need the Queen to come visit before you'll fix your walls?In no time at all, we can get your walls looking brand new.Repairing your walls has multiple benefits; you'll feel happier, your house will increase in value and you'll prevent your walls form getting worse.


  • Walls look brand new
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Fresh, even and bright walls

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Types of Internal Plastering We can Provide:

  • Internal plaster (float coat) - used for texture coated or tiled surfaces and cabinets, float coat is the base for hard wall plaster.
  • Metal corner beads - help prevent chipping and result in a sharper look - can be used for all internal corners including windows and ceilings.
  • Hard wall plastering (white set) - white set is the product used for most modern day interior walls and concrete ceilings and can have a glossy, shiny finish.
  • Brick plastering - cover your internal brick walls and then add internal plastering or texture coating.

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