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Do you manage new residential or commercial building or renovation projects in Perth Hills? Then you maybe looking for competitive rates from plasterer in Perth Hills. Our plasterers have assisted many project managers meet their budgets and deadlines.

Have plasterer let you down in the past, resulting in missed deadlines and budget blowouts? How did you talk about the cost overruns and missed deadlines to your client?

We meet our deadlines and budgets; no matter the size or scope of your project.  We're the guys to call if you want excellent work at competitively priced rates.

We'll work on any building or remodeling project within 50km of Perth Hills.

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Are your internal walls cracked, weathered or uneven? Wouldn't it be excellent to have interior walls that looked fresh, shiny and brand new?

The cracks get deeper, new cracks appear and your walls lose their colour. Don't settle for unsightly walls; you deserve walls that are fresh and attractive.

Our plasterer have visited many families in Perth Hills and helped rejuvenate their walls. Hard work, effectiveness and high quality workmanship are our values. If you live within 50km of Perth Hills, we can help repair your walls.

Fixing damaged walls in Fremantle and surrounding suburbs.
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The reasons for cracks and other imperfections in your walls... 

There are many reasons for cracked interior walls; humidity, changes in temperature and bad foundations are the main reasons.

Cracks can occur due to changes in temperature, bad foundations or moisture. Cracks due to temperature are usually minor.

Poor foundations can also cause your walls to crack and can lead to more considerable problems. If you see big horizontal cracks in your walls, ceiling or floors then you should contact a expert to assess whether it's unsafe.

Humidity can cause your walls to bloat, rot, mold or crumble; getting on top of this early prevents further damage.

The environment can't be blamed for uneven walls. They're usually the result of poor quality workmanship.

Rookie plasterers (and there are a lot out there) will quote low rates. Paying premiums for experience means you get premium quality workmanship, and high quality materials.

When you've seen some of the jobs we've had to fix over the years you wouldn't think twice about getting quality plastering services.

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What we can do to fix cracked, weathered and uneven walls:

We provide a number of options when it comes to plastering your interior walls.

Applying another coat over your current surface is another option. After the coat is applied, we sand down the walls until they are smooth and even.

The option you're looking for if you want to completely transform your walls and add value is texture coating.

If you're retiling then your walls will often be damaged in the process; we can fix your walls so the tiler can retile evenly.

We strive to provide the highest quality workmanship in the industry. We're fully insured, take workplace safety very seriously and follow Australian guidelines. We guarantee turning up on time, working efficiently and safely and producing excellent work.

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How much do experienced plasterer cost?

Let us inspect your interior walls or plans and discuss what type of plaster you want so that we can provide accurate costs to finish. Whether you're building, renovating or require repairs to your walls, our quote will be based on the type of plaster your require and the surface area to be plastered. We've been told that our rates are competitive; there's no hidden charges or fine print.

We sincerely hope that your visitors can't see the cracks in your walls.Don't procrastinate when we could fix up your walls in the next few days.Walls that look brand new and significantly increase the value of your home are only a phone call away.

  • Walls look brand new
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Fresh, even and bright walls

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Types of Internal Plastering We Provide:

Internal Plastering

  • Internal render (float coat) - used for texture coated or tiled surfaces and cabinets, float coat is the base for hard wall plaster.
  • Metal corner beads - used for all internal corners, prevents chipping and looks better.


  • Hard wall plastering (white set) - white set is the most common finish on modern day interior walls and concrete ceilings.
  • Brick plastering - plaster over the top of your internal brick wall and finish with texture coating, sand finishing or internal plastering.

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