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Are you looking for the leading plasterers in Melbourne Western Suburbs to help with your residential or commercial projects? We've worked alongside many builders, owner builders and renovators and we know you value meeting budgets and deadlines.

Does stressing about budget blowouts and missing critical deadlines keep you up at night? What was it like explaining to your client that you weren't going to deliver?

No matter the size or scope of your project; we'll deliver on time and on budget. To get the project done on time and within budget you need hard working, trustworthy plasterer you can trust.

We'll work on your project in and around Melbourne Western Suburbs, VIC.


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We help in building and renovation projects

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Looking for Specialist Plasterer to Repair Your Walls?

Are your interior walls cracked, weathered or uneven? Wouldn't it be excellent to have walls that looked fresh, attractive and brand new?

The cracks and pale colours only deteriorate. You can be proud of your home; all you have to do is call us to fix the cracks.

Over the years, we've plastered hundreds of walls in Melbourne Western Suburbs homes. We've had many families tell us how proud they are of their walls and the big difference our work made. Yes we work in and around Melbourne Western Suburbs, VIC.


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Let us repair your walls

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Would you like to know what causes damaged walls?

Cracks in your interior walls occur for many reasons but it's horizontal cracks you need to worry about.

Cracks can occur due to changes in temperature, poor foundations or dampness. Cracks due to temperature are usually minor.

Lousy foundations can also cause your walls to crack and can lead to more considerable problems. If you see big horizontal cracks in your walls, ceiling or floors then you should contact a expert to assess whether it's unsafe.


Dampness is another common cause, which can lead to your walls bloating, rotting and molding. And eventually crumbling.

Uneven walls usually result from low quality workmanship and are inexcusable. Poor quality workmanship is the only cause that can be avoided; so make sure you hire expert plasterer.

Novice plasterers (and there are a lot out there) will quote low rates. However, it's very likely that they have very little plastering experience, don't buy quality materials and have limited tools. We've been asked to fix some real shockers over the years.


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Construction site - Worker performs internal plaster
Repairing damaged walls

What our plasterer do to repair damaged walls:

There are a few options when it comes to plastering interior walls.

Applying another coat over your current surface is another option. After the coat is applied, we sand down the walls until they are smooth and even.

Texture coating is the option if you're looking for a finish transformation.

When retiling bathrooms or kitchens, your walls can be damaged. Before retiling your walls you'll need to apply plaster base coat; we can help.

We're continually striving to perform our work at the highest standard. Being known as the most competent plasterer in the industry is essential to us. We have impeccable safety records, follow Australian guidelines and we're fully insured. Because we're certain that our work is the highest quality we guarantee all our work.


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How much do experienced plasterer cost?

We'll need to inspect your interior walls or plans before we’re able to provide an accurate quote. Whether you're building, renovating or require repairs to your walls, our quote will be based on the type of plaster your require and the surface area to be plastered. There is no fine print within our quotes and we've been told they are straight forward and competitive.

How deep do the cracks in your walls have to be before you'll take action?Just call us and we'll fix up the cracks; don't wait.Not only will you feel happier at home, but new walls will increase the value of your home and prevent the cracks from getting worse.

  • Walls look brand new
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Fresh, even and bright walls

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Types of Internal Plastering We Can Provide:

  • Internal plaster (float coat) - float coat is used as a base for texture coated or tiled surfaces and cabinets.
  • Metal corner beads - help prevent chipping and result in a sharper look - can be used for all internal corners including windows and ceilings.

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