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How Many Plasterers Do You Need For Your Building Or Renovation Project in Port Adelaide

How many plasterers do you need for your building or renovation project? Our plasterers have assisted many project managers meet their budgets and deadlines.

Can you remember the last time plasterer let you down?
Just think back to the last time you were let down.

No matter the size or scope of your project; we'll deliver on time and on budget. Our Port Adelaide Plasterers are hard working, punctual and can get the job done on time and within budget.

Is your residential or commercial project within 50km of Port Adelaide? We can help.

Construction site - Worker performs internal plaster
Performing Wall Plastering

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Our Plasterer Can Repairs Your Damaged Walls…

Are your interior walls cracked, weathered or uneven? You could put off getting your walls repaired forever, but it makes a big difference when you get them repaired.

The cracks and pale colours only deteriorate. How long are you going to suffer with undesirable walls that you hate?

We've plastered hundreds of walls in Port Adelaide homes over the years. Our customers are always delighted with our attention to detail, hard work and affordable prices. Live within 50km of Port Adelaide and have walls that need repair; call us.

Plastered Wall
Plastered Wall

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Would you like to know what causes damaged walls?

Cracks in your interior walls can occur for many reasons. As a rule of thumb, horizontal cracks are worse than vertical ones and could mean there are major problems.

Dampness and changes in temperature are common causes of minor cracks. Bad foundations are usually the cause of critical cracks.

If you have deep horizontal cracks in your floors, walls or ceilings you should call us immediately.

Humidity in your walls is usually the culprit if you see your walls bloating, warping, molding or crumbling.

The environment can't be blamed for uneven walls. They're usually the result of poor quality workmanship.

Please don't accept the lowest quote without doing further due diligence. Make sure you're comparing apples with apples. Often inexperienced plasterers will quote low to get the work. However, it's very likely that they have very little plastering experience, don't buy quality materials and have limited tools. We've been asked to fix some real shockers over the years.

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People constructing a home
Master Plasterer

How we fix damaged walls:

There are varieties of products that we use for interior walls. Sometimes the top option is to strip away the old plaster and re-plaster your walls. The result will be obvious; fresh new walls that look amazing.

Another option is to apply another coat over the top of your current surface. Once applied, this coat is sanded down until your walls and corners are smooth an even.

The option you're looking for if you want to completely transform your walls and add value is texture coating.

If you're doing kitchen or bathroom renovations, your walls will often be damaged when stripping away the tiles. We can re-plaster your walls so they are ready to be retiled.

Our goal is to be recognized as the leading plasterers in the industry. Safety is essential to us and we always follow Australian guidelines. Plus we're fully insured. Our work is always performed to the highest standard. We guarantee high quality workmanship and efficient work practices.

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How much does it cost to plaster walls?

Call us to discuss what you want done and book in a time to inspect your walls or plans. Whether you're building, remodeling or require repairs to your interior walls, our quote will be based on the type of plaster your require and the surface area to be plastered. There is no fine print within our rates and we've been told they are straight forward and competitively priced.

How long are you going to put up with ugly walls?But rather than hoping they don't notice; why not transform your walls so that they comment on how fresh and shiny they look.Repairing your walls has multiple benefits; you'll feel happier, your house will increase in value and you'll prevent your walls form getting worse.

  • Walls look brand new
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Fresh, even and bright walls

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Types of Internal Plastering We Can Provide:

  • Internal plaster (float coat) - float coat is the base for hard wall plaster; used for texture coated or tiled surfaces and cabinets.
  • Metal corner beads - used for internal corners on walls, windows and ceilings. Use metal corner beads to prevent chipping.
  • Hard wall plastering (white set) - is used for most modern day interior walls and concrete ceilings.
  • Brick plastering - plaster over the top of your internal brick wall and finish with texture coating, sand finishing or internal plastering.

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