Will Rendering Your Exterior Add Value To Your Adelaide Home?

If you’re an Adelaide homeowner interested in one-day selling, then you’re probably wondering what steps you can take to increase the value of your property. One method that frequently comes up when discussing the topic is rendering.

This is the process of adding a protective layer to the outside of home’s walls. Not only can this add value to your Adelaide home, but it can protect it from significant value. Nonetheless, you should proceed carefully with the process because there are certain variables that will impact how much value it will add.

Basic rendering is often enough to protect your home and add value. Be wary of companies marketing some advanced rendering technique that costs twice as much. The value added to the home will likely be the same, but if the cost is significantly higher, then you are actually losing out.

In most cases, basic rendering means applying a layer of sand and cement to the outside of the walls and then a protective topcoat above that layer. In place of sand and cement, a company may use a lime based render, a resin-based render with colour, or a synthetic polymer render. Each of these options should still fall within a similar price range. Choosing the best render is often a stylistic choice.

The average cost of rendering a home is between roughly £35 and £70 per square meter. That should include the basic render layer, the top coat, and multiple coats of paint. Some render materials or top coats will not require paint. The overall cost of rendering an entire home falls between £6,000 and £7,000 on average. Of course, those ranges can fluctuate for homes that are above or below the average size.

A partial render is a great way to add value to your Adelaide home without paying for the cost of a full render. Some homeowners prefer the stylistic appeal of a partial render especially when brick homes are involved. It allows some of the high-quality brick surface to remain visible in contrast to the newly laid render finish. A partial render is often more than enough to increase your home’s value and street appeal while costing 1/3rd to ½ of the cost of a full render.

You should keep in mind that there are other benefits associated with rendering your exterior, such as increased durability and lifespan of the walls. It will often actually save you money on expensive repairs over the years.

If you’re serious about using a render to increase the value of your Adelaide home, then you should discuss your options with a trusted contractor. Receive a quote for the project and then use a calculator to determine an estimated increase in value.

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