How Much Does Rendering Cost In Perth, Australia?

Rendering costs may vary depending on many factors such as the reputation and price of the contractor, your location, and the rendering material you choose. Usually, a renderer would charge by the square meter – starting from $30 per square meter up to $50 per M2 for a single story building. If your home is a two-story building, the charges might be slightly higher. On the other hand, you may find rendering costs as low as $15 per M2 in Perth, but it is only due to the renderer offering a steep discount.

The average residential home in Perth consists of at least 400 square meters of exterior wall area. Such a home might cost $12,000 for a rendering project at $30/M2. On the high-end of the scale, you should expect to pay $20,000 at $50/M2. Although the price may seem too high to the average homeowner in Perth, the results you get could be stunning.


The Advantages Of Rendering Your Home In Perth

Rendering in the traditional sense has been a concrete mixture that is spread over the exterior surface of a wall. It will smoothen the texture of the wall. With the latest technology in the industry, today, there is even acrylic renders on the market. Although rendering has been performed for more than a hundred years in Europe, it became popular in Australia only recently.

The aesthetic appeal of the building is the #1 reason to render a building. A shabby-looking wall could be brightened up in a jiffy with rendering. In fact, the project will give your whole house a facelift.

Another reason for rendering is moisture prevention. In fact, water ingress and penetrating damp issues are some of the biggest problems in homes that are not rendered. Bricks are usually liable to damp when regularly exposed to the elements. Water will get through a solid brick wall and into your house – which can result in a lot of problems in your home.


How To Choose A Reliable Renderer In Perth?

The right type of render could benefit your property in the long run. That is why you should work with a reputable and experienced rendering service like us. We use three types of render to cater to your personal needs and budget.

Acrylic – This render is quite cheap and can provide vibrant colours to your home. One disadvantage is that this method isn’t breathable – which can create issues in certain properties.

Mineral – This is a long-lasting rendering project. It is durable and breathable at the same time. It is mid-priced and suitable for any home.

Silicone Silicate – This is the most expensive rendering project. There are many advantages to this method. It is breathable as well as self-cleaning. One disadvantage is that the render has to be applied only in the summer season. That is because it requires milder temperatures to dry.

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