Does Rendering Add Value To Your Home In Melbourne Australia?

Although rendering brick homes seems to be a new trend that has caught up in Australia in the past decade, the method has been used in Europe for many centuries. In fact, render can transform the appearance and curb appeal of your home in Melbourne. But can it add value to your home in Melbourne? Here are some tips to consider before you decide to invest money in rendering your brick home.

Most homeowners believe that rendering will add value to their homes. In fact, there are times when the process can improve the appearance of your home and add value to it. But you should also remember that rendering is an expensive process. Hence, you should weigh the pros and cons of rendering your home before you invest your hard earned money in the process.

Cost of Rendering

Rendering can cost anywhere between $30 to $50 per square meter – and the cost would increase if you have a two-story home. That way you should expect to spend at least $12,000 for a smaller family home as well as around $20,000 for a larger two-story home. But the cost may differ depending on where you live and the rendering service you choose.

The average residential home in Melbourne has approximately 400 square meters. If you can find a rendering service that does the job at $30 per square meter, you should expect to pay $12,000 for the job. On the other hand, at the high end of the scale, the process would cost around $20,000 at $50 per square meter.

Add Value To Your Home

Considering the cost of rendering your Melbourne home, you should decide if the process will add value to your home in Melbourne. In case your home can fetch a higher resale value on the market, you should definitely go ahead with the rendering process. Rendering can add value to your home at times. But it may depend on the many factors as mentioned above.

There are also many other ways of improving the value of your home such as a partial render, painting the trim, and tidying up your garden. This could be done at about a third of the cost of a full rendering job. On the other hand, a partial render can give your brick home a street appeal that it requires to attract a higher selling price. Make sure that you choose a reputable rendering service in Melbourne in case you decide to render your home in Melbourne to add value to it. 

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