2018 Plasterer’s Salaries In Sydney

When you’re looking into jobs one aspect that should be considered, after determining if the job is one you want to do, is how much you can potentially make. This usually involves doing some research, but it is worth it because it lets you know if you will make enough to support your family or not. In this post we provide some information on how much money plasterer’s are projected to make in the year 2018 in Sydney.

Now, what we are going to provide will be a couple of figures for you to consider. The first one is an hourly rate for a plasterer and the second will be the yearly rate.

Hourly & Yearly Plasterers Salaries in Sydney

A plasterer in Sydney has a median wage of AU$30.46 per hour. However, one the lower side of the scale it comes out to AU$24.55 per hour and on the higher end of the pay scale for more experience it comes out to AU$44.70 on the hour. That is going to allow for a fairly broad range of yearly pay as the salary range will go from AU$49,132 on the lower end of the scale and go all the way up to AU$96,234. So as you can tell this is a wide figure and allows for a fairly comfortable living.

Plastering can be a very rewarding job field and it is one that has a decent pay as well. All that potential plasterers have to do is make sure they know about the different salary ranges and the training involved. Based on this article you can be confident in your future earning potential as a plasterer.

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