Plasterers Salaries in Sydney 2018

What Kind Of Salary Structure Do Plasterers In Australia Have

When you are a plasterer you will find the pay is going to be hourly or as a contract, typically hourly. The average wage is going to be found to be in Australian dollars around 27.41 an hour.

You will have to have some skill to get a higher wage. Typically, though, if you have more than 20 years of experience in the field you will have a chance to get a higher pay than what the market average is sitting at.

You will notice that you do have an option for minimum hourly pay as well.

When you are looking in the Sydney area in New South Wales the pay is going to top out at 30.24 an hour. The lower end of the scale is going to sit at the 24.55 per hour and if you are really good you will find that the pay is going to go up to 44.70 an hour. 

This is going to have a broad range of salary that you can enjoy from almost 50K AUD to the higher end of almost a 100K AUD to get the pay.

The Yearly Payscale For The Plasters In Sydney

If you are in the Sydney region and are a plasterer you will find that the pay is going to come in at a minimum of 71,682 a year.

You can expect to pay around the number of 16,277.29 to get the taxes paid properly. This is going to allow you to still make over 55,404.71 a year after you have paid your taxes or a little bit over the 4,600 a month mark. 

The tax rate on average is going to hit the 22.71% mark, but if you are getting really good you can expect to pay a little bit more and can go up to 34.50%.

What Does A Plaster Do:

What you will find is the plasterer is often seen as a specialist in the construction work that works with plaster. Most of the time they are going to be used in repairing and remodels, but they can be seen in the new construction process as well.

Usually, a non-modular ceiling is going to have a little bit of plaster in them that is going to be the key component of getting the ceiling reinforced and to keep it in place. As a plasterer, you will be seen as a specialist in the company, but you can even work as an independent contractor as well.

What Tasks Does A Plasterer Do:

  • Prepare and mix plaster, tape the walls in preparation for work.
  • Keeps a record of all the work done and supplies used.
  • Provide a safe area to work that is going to meet the industry standard.
  • Put on plaster.

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