Plasterers Salaries In Perth

Plastering is a trade that has been in existence for a long time. Plasterers’ salaries in Perth are mostly determined by the level of experience one has. Plastering is also a trade that requires mastery to perform to perfection, and the same is reflected in the earning power of individuals who trade the craft.

Admittedly, as one does a task for an extended period, they tend to get better in it and are likely to do a better job than a person who is a first timer in the trade. Plastering is no different, and the more experienced plasterers get, the more difficult the jobs which are likely to pay more.

How Much Can a Plasterer Expert to Earn in Perth?

Plasterers’ salaries in Perth are admirably fair with an average pay of around 29.37 Australian dollars per hour, but most importantly, the level of experience is the main variable for what one earns.

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The following are salaries that plasterers in Perth earn.

  • Entry level plasterer with less than five years of experience: this is a group of plasterers who are learning the trade and will command a salary of around 54,000 Australian Dollars. The average pay will be composed of tips, bonus payments, and overtime pay.
  • Mid-career plasters with five to ten years of experience: the group earns an average salary of around 61,000 Australian Dollars. Tips and bonuses compose a significant amount of the salary.
  • Experienced Plasters: these are plasterers who have been in the trade for 10 to 20 years. They earn a salary of around 66,000 Australian Dollars. Bonus payments, tips, and overtime payment compose a chunk of the remuneration.
  • Plasterers with late career experience: these are the most experienced lot and earn the highest salaries. They will earn an average of around 66,000 Australian Dollars. Bonus payments, tips, and overtime payments form part of the wages.

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