Plasterers’ Salaries in Melbourne in 2017

Plasterers are technicians who expertly apply coats of plaster to interior walls and ceilings of homes and buildings to make them look clean and beautiful. The can also do the same work to the exterior of these structures. When they do, they become stucco masons.

These artisans earn much more than other workers because of their expertise in their craft. Many work full-time in companies offering professional services while some are self-employed.

Plasterers Salaries in Melbourne vs The Rest Of Australia

Plasterers’ salaries in Melbourne vary, just like in other Australian cities, but the estimated average pay for plasterers in Melbourne on a per hour basis is about AU$29 . For beginners, the hourly rate is estimated at AU$19 while those who have gained sufficient experience can earn AU$41/hr. If they had to do extra work, the overtime pay is about AU$40/hr. On an annual basis, plasterers who are new in the trade can expect to receive a little more than AU$38,000 while their highly skilled counterparts can get as much as AU$87,000.

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The average take-home pay for plasterers in Australia ranges from AU$28/hr to AU$34.41/hr.

A plasterer with less than five years of experience in his craft receives an average annual pay of AU$50,000, inclusive of overtime pay, bonus, and tips.

One who has been practicing his trade for five to 10 years earns an average total pay of AU$58,000.

Average Salaries for Experienced Plasterers 

Meanwhile, an employed plasterer who has been practicing his craft for 10 to 20 years receives an average total income of AU$68,000. If he has more than 20 years of experience, he can earn an average total pay of AU$74,000.

Estimates have also been made on the plasterers’ salaries in Melbourne on a monthly basis. Without taking into consideration the experience level of the employed plasterers, the estimated average pay they receive is about AU$3,200 monthly.

Plasterers’ salaries in Melbourne and the rest of Australia appear to be even bigger than those received by their counterparts in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, plasterers in America earned an average annual income of $40,070 (equivalent to AU$50,915.76), or $19.27 (AU$24.50) per hour. This is based from an official U.S. government report in 2011.

During that year, the least experienced plasterers in the U.S. received an average total yearly pay of $24,970 (equivalent to AU$31,746.86) while the most experienced ones received an average total annual salaries of $61,550 (equivalent to AU$78,254.67), or $29.59 (equivalent to AU$37.62) per hour.

The information in this article is courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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