How Much Do Plasterers Cost in Melbourne?

Plasterers are engaged in a highly skilled trade who, just like other artisans with specific skills, earn more than some office-bound professionals such as lawyers. According to PayScale, in Australia, a plasterer earns an average of AU$48.15 per hour while a lawyer earns AU$37 per hour.

However, when you ask for the services of a plasterer, the hourly rate he quotes will cover both the cost of labour and all materials he will use for the project.

So, how much do plasterers cost in Melbourne? Some of these technicians name their price based on time spent working while others quote on per-square-metre basis. Still others prefer to state the price for a room or for an entire house.

The cost of a plasterer’s services will also depend on the type of jobs you assign him—for instance, whether he’s going to work in a contemporary or Victorian house with ornate designs.

The Average Square Metre Rate for Plastering 

If a plasterer quotes a per-square-metre rate, the amount may range from AU$20 to AU$70 per square metre of hard plaster. Per square-metre rates for wet plaster are higher—from $45 to $90.

When a plasterer quotes a fixed amount for a room or house, the figure most likely does not include yet the cost of the removal of the existing damaged plaster.

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If you ask the plasterer to renovate your entire house, he will likely ask for a fixed price. A 3-bedroom home could cost you AU$10,000 at the minimum and AU$15,000 at the maximum. The rate for an ornate Victorian home could be more than $20,000.

Standard Rates for Installing Plasterboard: 

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has set standard rates for various plastering jobs. For installing plasterboard, the specified rate is from AU$8 to AU$16 per square metre. For providing and installing the plasterboard, the rate is from $15 to $20 per square metre.

Another factor that determines how much plasterers cost in Melbourne is the area to be serviced. If the plastering project has ornaments, the cost will depend on its size and complexity.

You may be surprised at how much plasterers cost in Melbourne when their work also involves peeling off an existing damaged plaster. They may also charge you extra if the area they will work on is not that easy to access and would require scaffolding. Another factor that could increase their asking price is if the job would require more skills and creativity, such as installing plasterboards with elaborate patterns.

The information in this article is courtesy of PayScale and the Australian Taxation Office.

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