Perth Gyprocker Salaries In 2018

Best Ceiling Repairs The Master Plasterers Sunshine CoastA gyprocker or plasterer works in the construction field in Australia. He is a construction specialist who works with plaster or a paste-like construction fabrication material. The gyprocker will assist in the completion of remodelling, repair, and renovation work. Many of the traditional ceilings in Australian homes use a form of plaster as a key component and reinforcer. In fact, a gyprocker may usually be employed by a construction or contracting company in Perth. On the other hand, they also work as independent contractors across Perth and the other parts of Australia. This article provides information on Perth gyprocker salaries in 2018.

A gyprocker job requires a great deal of speed and dexterity. It usually involves the coating of residential and commercial ceilings and walls with different types of plaster to facilitate the decoration of such surfaces. The job doesn’t involve handiwork alone. In fact, math plays an important role in deciding how much plaster to mix and how much materials to order to keep the work going on without any disruptions. A gyprocker should be prepared to work around 40 hours a week. Overtime will increase your salary since there will be evening and weekend work to meet the deadlines of the project. Self-employed contractors are able to negotiate their own wages for individual projects. Their earnings can be much higher than working under a contractor or construction firm.

Gyprocker Hourly Rates

Although formal qualifications are not 100% required to work as a plasterer, the on-site experience is essential for such a job. The average wage of a gyprocker in Perth in 2018 is AU$27.41 per hour. The more experience and skills the individual has, the higher the salary he could expect. The typical tenure for a gyprocker is 1-3 years.

There are many courses in Australia for a gyprocker to improve his skills. In fact, there are many government apprentice schemes and combined classroom work with onsite experience that will help an individual build his skills in the field. Make sure that you follow a reputable course if you want to take your plastering skills to the next level.

Whether you need the services of a gyprocker for a residential or commercial project, you should hire a reliable and experienced professional for the job. There are hundreds of gyprockers out there. But all of them are not created equal. That is why you should be doing the research when choosing the best plasterer in Perth.

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