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A small amount of damage to your ceilings may be caused by  other problems and neglecting them may cause the whole ceiling to give way leading to costlier replacement. When damaged ceilings are left unattended it can result in  the whole ceiling needing to be replaced.

Neglected ceilings that need repair can get worse over time causing bigger expenses when they have to be replaced instead of just repaired. In the worst case scenario the whole ceiling could collapse which is why it is very important that an expert is called to assess your ceilings right away. If you are noticing damp patches on your ceilings that are starting to sag, you will probably agree that they look ghastly and unstable. the years we've repaired hundreds of ceilings in Sydney Northern Beaches homes.

Ceiling Repair and Finishing
Ceiling Repair and Finishing

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The main reasons behind sagging ceilings...

We inspect and make sure of the surrounding area’s durability before starting any repairs. Some trades lack proper knowledge in using adhesives properly and don’t follow manufacturer’s guidelines resulting to shabby work and the ceiling sagging again within a few months. Our high-skilled workers can work with any type of ceiling and deliver high quality ceilings. Badly damaged and irreparable ceilings are completely taken down and replaced. Invest with the right company to work on your ceiling requirements. We have the expertise to fix all types of sagging ceilings.

You will recognize a company’s lack of experience and use of poor materials when your ceiling shows signs of damage in a short span of time requiring another repair job. Inexperienced workers, substandard materials and the lack of workplace standards often result in multiple ceiling repair jobs. Severely damaged ceilings are not retained but completely removed and replaced with new and durable ones.

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Fixing Sagging Ceiling
Fixing Sagging Ceiling

How much does a high quality ceiling repair service cost?

We religiously abide by the Australian Health and Safety regulations and use high quality materials. All our work is above industry standards because we always strive to be the best no matter how small or big the job is. Once we've had a chance to inspect your ceilings, we'll provide an obligation free quote.

Regardless of the gravity of your ceiling’s condition and what the resolution will be, we are guaranteed to offer the lowest rates in the industry. If your ceilings are badly damaged, we'll have to pull the whole ceiling down and replace it.

The cost really depends on the extent of damage. Some ceilings may not be fit for repair which means we will have to take the ceiling down and replace it completely. We highly advise for you to call your insurance company and see whether ceiling repairs are covered by your policy.

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High Quality Ceiling Repairs…

If we find condensation problems in your roof cavity, we can help you fix this issue. We are experienced in repairing holes in roofs. Water or moisture problems not only damages your ceiling but also promotes a healthy environment for termites, toxic molds and other unwanted organisms.

We understand how ugly and unsafe damaged ceilings can be which is why we can guarantee a timely response as soon as you contact us. We can repair holes in your roof if this is also a problem. Damaged ceilings are both unattractive and unsafe that’s why we will work to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll let you know how we can resolve your ceiling problems right away.

build gypsum board ceiling in construction site
Repaired Ceiling

Need Your Ceiling Repaired?


Rely on the best ceiling repair company…

Whether you have old or new ceilings we can help. We handle all types of ceilings including underlying issues such as roof holes and moisture problems. We are sure to deliver durable and outstanding resolutions to your ceiling problems.

We serve the Sydney Northern Beaches area and guarantee competitive rates at all times. Our highly capable and professional workers have worked on all types of ceilings including lath and plaster ceilings, plaster board ceilings, and gyprock ceilings.

Old or new it doesn't matter:

  • Lath and plaster ceilings were common for homes built in the sixties.
  • Plaster board ceilings are common for homes built between the sixties and seventies.
  • Gyprock ceilings are the most common in modern homes.  

Services We Provide:

  • Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs
  • Gyprock & Plastering  
  • Mould Removal  
  • Ceiling Re-Strapping  
  • Ceiling Rejuvenation  Renovations
  • Painting & Maintenance 

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