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Water Damaged Ceilings? Need Help?

Our loyal customers in the Sydney Inner West area can attest to the quality of ceiling jobs that we have completed. The longer you leave patches on your ceiling, the worse they will get.

If you have ever seen sagging and damaged ceilings, you will know how unattractive and unsafe they appear to be. Sagging ceilings may look ugly and can become potential health risks. A fragile ceiling can bring great danger especially if you have children in your home.

We're reliable and affordable, and we pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. 

Estimating the cost of the ceiling repair
Estimating the cost of the ceiling repair

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  • 11. When we found a water leak in our ceiling we were really worried so we called Master Ceilings right away. They were really responsive and were able to fix our ceiling and return it to its original condition. We were impressed with their service. In our book they come highly recommended. Garrett Hall 09/30/2018
  • I need a lathe & Plaster ceiling repaired. Plaster will be fine ! Lesley 07/13/2022

The Best Ceiling Repair Services in Sydney Inner West, Call Us Today on (02) 8806 0303

Would you like to know what causes sagging ceilings?

We do not apply repairs without checking the soundness of the entire ceiling area. Inexperienced workers, substandard materials and the lack of workplace standards often result in multiple ceiling repair jobs.

Incompetent workers and the use of cheap materials on damaged ceilings can result to repeat jobs after only a short period of time. Some trades practice improper usage of adhesives and fail to follow manufacturer’s guidelines which results in poor output and the ceiling starting to sag again within 6 months’ time.

Poor workmanship is the typical cause of repeat jobs when repairing ceilings.

Without regard for the manufacturer’s guidelines, sheets will fail to bond. Proper knowledge is required for workers so that second-rate output is avoided.

Our team of experts follow the process of propping up the ceiling, putting the sheets together with screws, patching, sanding and finally, cleaning up the mess in the work area.

Looking for Ceiling Repair Services in Sydney Inner West You Can Rely On? Call Us Today on (02) 8806 0303

Preparing walls during building
Ceiling Plastering

What's the cost of fixing a damaged ceiling?

We are meticulous about following Australian Health and Safety regulations. No matter the damage, we assure you that our quote will be competitive. We will provide an obligation free quote once we've inspected your ceilings.

It will cost a little more if we have to pull the whole ceiling down and replace it. We can provide an obligation free quote once we've had a chance to inspect the damage. Most of our customers want to know how much it will cost to fix their ceiling; the cost depends on the extent of damage.

We work to high standards but always offer competitive prices. We recommend you contact your insurance company as you may be qualified to claim the cost of repairing your ceilings. 

The Best Ceiling Repair Services in Sydney Inner West, Call Us Today on (02) 8806 0303 

You can Rely On Us To Deliver Quality Ceiling Repairs…

Our team of professionals is thoroughly trained to fix moisture problems in your ceiling. If you think your ceiling looks bad and unsafe now, chances are it’s only about to get worse.

Your ceilings will look great and we'll fix them properly so they don't need repairing for a long time. And you can rest assured that your ceilings will look great and stay that way a long time into the future.

In addition to fixing your ceilings we'll also test your roof cavity for condensation issues. You can only ignore bad ceilings for so long as they will continue to get worse. 

build gypsum board ceiling in construction site
On going repair

Looking for Ceiling Repair Services in Sydney Inner West You Can Rely On? Call Us Today on (02) 8806 0303

We're the best company to fix your ceilings…

We service all of Sydney Inner West area and we deliver high quality ceiling repairs and replacement. We are the leading authority in handling different types of ceilings such as lath and plaster ceilings found in homes built in the 60’s, plaster board ceilings found in homes built in the 70’s and Gyprock ceilings used in modern homes.

We can manage all types of ceilings made from different materials. Let us know about your ceiling problems today and we’ll talk about how we can have them resolved quickly and at a very affordable price. We value the trust that our customers give us and we can guarantee stable and polished craftsmanship with every ceiling that is entrusted to us. 

We know how to fix all ceiling types:

  • We have worked with homes built before the 60's that usually have lath and plaster ceilings
  • Homes built in the 70's that usually have plaster board ceilings and;
  • Modern homes that are more likely to have Gyprock ceilings.

Services We Provide:

  • Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs
  • Gyprock & Plastering  
  • Mould Removal  
  • Ceiling Re-Strapping  
  • Ceiling Rejuvenation  Renovations
  • Painting & Maintenance 

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