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Ceilings Repairs? We Got You Covered...

It's much better to get your ceilings assessed and repaired by experts as soon as possible because leaving them to rot may lead to them collapsing at any given time. the years we've repaired hundreds of ceilings in Newcastle homes.

The presence of children in your home demands for more attention on any damaged ceilings that you may have. Neglected ceilings may bring harm especially if you have children in the house.

We offer services that are of exceptional quality and affordable rates. visited hundreds of Newcastle homes and fixed their damaged ceilings.


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Causes for sagging ceilings?

Badly damaged and irreparable ceilings are completely taken down and replaced. When screws are the only things that hold sheets together, the ceiling will sag in sweltering and damp weather.

Our competitors who may improperly use adhesives and may not follow manufacturers’ guidelines often come up with shoddy work and ceilings that need to get replaced again within 6 months or less. Poor workmanship is the typical cause of repeat jobs when repairing ceilings.



Badly damaged ceilings are not advisable to just getting repaired but completely replaced with fresh and more stable ones so they will last longer. We investigate the strength of the ceiling’s surrounding area before starting repairs.

Invest with the right company to work on your ceiling requirements. We have the expertise to fix all types of sagging ceilings. Our high-skilled workers can work with any type of ceiling and deliver high quality ceilings.



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How much do experienced ceiling repair specialists cost?

Once we've had a chance to inspect your ceilings, we'll provide an obligation free quote. Regardless of the gravity of your ceiling’s condition and what the resolution will be, we are guaranteed to offer the lowest rates in the industry.

We guarantee all our work because we're confident that our work is done to the highest standards. Once we’ve investigated the damage, we’ll quote you to fix your ceilings. We are meticulous about following Australian Health and Safety regulations.

It is best to contact your insurance company to see if you can file an insurance claim to cover the cost of repairing your ceilings. We recommend you contact your insurance company as you may be qualified to claim the cost of repairing your ceilings. Our company can guarantee durable and first-rate ceilings at very competitive prices.


Call Us Today on (02) 4058 4068 If You're Looking For Quality Ceiling Repair Services in Newcastle

 High Quality Ceiling Repairs…

If we find condensation problems in your roof cavity, we can help you fix this issue. If you think your ceiling looks bad and unsafe now, chances are it’s only about to get worse. And you can rest assured that your ceilings will look great and stay that way a long time into the future.

Our team of experts is trained to check if your ceiling’s damage masks any underlying cause such as moisture problems. We are experienced in repairing holes in roofs. You'll be delighted in getting a more stable ceiling at the best possible rates. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll let you know how we can resolve your ceiling problems right away.


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Ceilings that look brand new

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We're the best company to fix your ceilings…

We are the leading authority in handling different types of ceilings such as lath and plaster ceilings found in homes built in the 60’s, plaster board ceilings found in homes built in the 70’s and Gyprock ceilings used in modern homes. We can manage all types of ceilings made from different materials.

Let us know about your ceiling problems today and we’ll talk about how we can have them resolved quickly and at a very affordable price. We offer above industry workmanship in the Newcastle area. When you choose to hire us, we guarantee a long lasting solution to your ceiling dilemma.


What Types of Ceilings Do you Fix?

  • We have worked with homes built before the 60's that usually have lath and plaster ceilings
  • Homes built in the 70's that usually have plaster board ceilings and;
  • Modern homes that are more likely to have Gyprock ceilings.

Services We Provide:

  • Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs
  • Gyprock & Plastering  
  • Mould Removal  
  • Ceiling Re-Strapping  
  • Ceiling Rejuvenation  Renovations
  • Painting & Maintenance 

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