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If you are noticing damp patches on your ceilings that are starting to sag, you will probably agree that they look ghastly and unstable. As a property owner, you should call on experts immediately to assess the current status of your ceiling as severely damaged ones can collapse unexpectedly.

We're proud of the work that we do and stand for high quality workmanship at competitive prices. In the worst case scenario the whole ceiling could collapse which is why it is very important that an expert is called to assess your ceilings right away.

Our loyal customers in the Coffs Harbour area can attest to the quality of ceiling jobs that we have completed. The presence of children in your home demands for more attention on any damaged ceilings that you may have.



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Estimating costs to fix your ceilings

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The main reasons behind sagging ceilings...

Badly damaged ceilings are not advisable to just getting repaired but completely replaced with fresh and more stable ones so they will last longer. If your ceilings are badly damaged, we pull the whole ceiling down and replace it.

When screws are the only things that hold sheets together, the ceiling will sag in sweltering and damp weather. Without regard for the manufacturer’s guidelines, sheets will fail to bond.


Severely damaged ceilings are not retained but completely removed and replaced with new and durable ones. Our high-skilled workers can work with any type of ceiling and deliver high quality ceilings. Mere screws holding the sheets together will cause the ceiling to expand and sag when the weather becomes damp or humid.

You will recognize a company’s lack of experience and use of poor materials when your ceiling shows signs of damage in a short span of time requiring another repair job.





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The cost of repairing sagging ceilings...

We guarantee all our work because we're confident that our work is done to the highest standards. If your ceilings are badly damaged, we'll have to pull the whole ceiling down and replace it. Once we've had a chance to inspect your ceilings, we'll provide an obligation free quote.

It will cost a little more if we have to pull the whole ceiling down and replace it. We're reliable, affordable and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. We religiously abide by the Australian Health and Safety regulations and use high quality materials.

We will provide an obligation free quote once we've inspected your ceilings. We work to the highest standards and therefore we guarantee all our work to be above industry standards.



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Affordable Ceiling Repair From Experts You Can Count On…

Our team of experts is highly skilled in checking for any reasons on why your ceilings have become damaged in the first place. Our team of professionals is thoroughly trained to fix moisture problems in your ceiling. We can repair holes in your roof if this is also a problem. Our highly skilled workers will check for moisture problems or holes in your roof which may have caused your ceilings to sag.

Damaged ceilings are both unattractive and unsafe that’s why we will work to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are experienced in repairing holes in roofs. Call us today for a free assessment and quotation for the repair of your damaged ceiling.


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Ceilings that look brand new

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You can trust our expert ceiling repair team…

We serve the Coffs Harbour area and guarantee competitive rates at all times. Our team of experts is knowledgeable in fixing all types of ceiling. We are experienced in working with homes made before the 60’s that typically have lath and plaster ceilings, homes made in the 70’s that have plaster board ceilings, and modern homes that typically have Gyprock ceilings installed.

We are always working towards customer satisfaction and we guarantee durable and long-lasting ceiling repair and replacement at very economical prices. Let us know about your ceiling problems today and we’ll talk about how we can have them resolved quickly and at a very affordable price.



Yes we can fix your ceiling:

  • We have worked with homes built before the 60's that usually have lath and plaster ceilings
  • Homes built in the 70's that usually have plaster board ceilings and;
  • Modern homes that are more likely to have Gyprock ceilings.

Services We Provide:

  • Water Damaged Ceilings & Repairs
  • Gyprock & Plastering
  • Mould Removal
  • Ceiling Re-Strapping
  • Ceiling Rejuvenation  Renovations
  • Painting & Maintenance 

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