How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling In Melbourne?

The cost of repairing a water damaged ceiling in Melbourne, just like in other Australian cities, can be quite expensive. This is basically because a professional water damage restoration technician will not only have to fix the source of the leak but also to restore the damaged ceiling to its former state. This has to be done to prevent more serious home structure damage, mould growth, and other problems.

That is why home owners should immediately seek the help of a professional restoration company if their ceiling and other parts of the house suffer damage from heavy rains and other natural or man-made calamities.

The Average Cost of Repairing Damaged Ceiling In Melbourne

The average cost of repairing a damaged ceiling in Melbourne and some other Australian cities has been estimated at AU$2,164, with the minimum average cost at AU$150 and the maximum cost at AU$6,000. The average range of damage cost is from AU$1,214 to AU$2,254.

The most common cause of a water damaged ceiling in Melbourne is a leaky roof. Another cause is a burst pipe embedded within the walls of a house. Homeowners do not usually notice that their roof is leaking until seeing water dripping on the surface of the ceiling, which is typically made of drywall or plaster. The water pools and spreads on the ceiling until it drips in-between the ceiling’s panels. On a plaster ceiling, the water builds up before dripping to the floor.

Damaged Ceiling Repairs in Melbourne South East

Water Damaged Ceilings in Melbourne Northern Suburbs

The dampness not only stains the ceiling but also degrades its integrity. If the ceiling remains damp for several days, mould can form, which could spread bacteria in the house. That’s why this problem needs to be quickly fixed by a professional restoration crew.

The Time it Takes to Repair:

The water damage restoration process will take some time to complete. The technicians will first remove the dampness in your ceiling or anywhere else in your house. They will use special dryers to dry out damp areas—the quicker the better to prevent mould growth, which can spread quickly on the damaged ceiling or walls.

The cost of repairing a water damaged ceiling in Melbourne can vary depending on the particular area and the extent of the damage. A technician will have to fully assess the situation before he can come up with an accurate quote.

Make Sure You Check With Your Insurance Company

In most cases, homeowners spend from AU$2,000 to AU$3,000 to repair and restore a water damaged ceiling. But home owners need not worry too much: In most cases, insurance companies will reimburse them for their expenses if they have water damage coverage in their insurance policies.

The information in this article is courtesy of PayScale.

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