How Much do Plasterers Cost in Perth

For residents of Perth looking for experienced plasterers, it is important to know how much plasterers cost in Perth. Plastering is a craft that requires mastery if you want to get quality work. Different types of plastering command different kinds of rates. The experience of the plasterer working on your property also determines how much money you are likely to spend. Therefore, before hiring a plasterer, you have to know the type of job you want to be done hence the level of plastering experience that the potential candidate should have. This will give you an idea of how much you will be paying for their services.

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When the time comes to hire a plasterer, some of the questions you should ask them are:

  • Do you have certification or a license to perform the task?
  • Do you have insurance to work inside my home?
  • What is the approximate time that I should expect the job to take until completion?
  • Do you provide written quotations?
  • Do you have examples of other projects you have worked on and if so do you have any references?

Here is a range of the cost of plastering in Perth:

  • $20 – $70 per square meter for hard plasters
  • $45 -$90 per square meter for wet plasters

Most of the plasterers will give you a flat rate for a single room. If the work is to be done for your entire home, it is likely that the plasterer will charge you a flat rate for the space available. Plastering a three bedroom home in Perth will cost you $10,000 to $15,000. Plastering an ornate Victorian home will cost you more with an average of around $20,000.

The Australian taxation office recommends the following prices for plastering work:

  • Plasterboards cost $8 to $16 per square meter installation cost only and around $15 to $20 for supplying and installing plasterboards.

Some plasterers will charge extra to remove old plastering, so it is crucial to plan for it in advance.

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