HOTA, Home of The Arts

Home of the Arts is a must-visit destination in Gold Coast area if you are interested in live shows, lake-side strolls, star-gazing, cinema-watching, art and new ideas. The location is surrounded by a lake and parklands with the beautiful Surfers Paradise in the background, offering stunning views of the city skyline.

It is the perfect place for a day out, whether you’re a local or just visiting the Gold Coast. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy while you’re here, and you’re sure to find something that interests you. There’s also a unique open-air stage for live shows and a refreshing café for hanging out with friends or meeting new people.

History and Expansion

The Evandale HOTA site has always been subject to change and expansion. The area was historically home to an Indigenous community and saw cultivation for cotton in the 1860s, later replaced by sugarcane and dairy farming.

The City bought the land for the site in the 1960s, and Gold Coast Civic Centre – with its distinctive three-story glass beehive structure, designed by local architect Alan Griffith – opened with an impressive ceremony in 1976.

The Gold Coast City Council founded the Keith Hunt Community Entertainment and Arts Centre in December 1986, which it still owns and operates. It was subsequently renamed the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

The Gold Coast City Council established the Gold Coast Arts Centre Proprietary Company Limited as a distinct legal entity in 1993 to augment funding sources, expand community involvement, and make the marketplace more adaptable. The company’s only shareholder, the city council, continues to provide most of its funding.

Shows and Activities

Besides being a hub for creativity, HOTA is also a great place to catch a show or participate in an activity. There are always plenty of things to see and do at HOTA:

Cinema and Theatre

With a range of cinemas and theatres, HOTA is the perfect place to catch a movie or play. Popular Australian and international theatre shows and artists often come to HOTA, so there is always something to see or someone popular to meet if you’re in luck.


HOTA is also home to a range of exhibitions, both temporary and permanent. These include art galleries, history exhibitions, and scientific displays.


HOTA is most famous for its circus performances, which are held regularly throughout the year. These shows are perfect for family entertainment and provide quality entertainment to locals and tourists alike.

Classical Music

HOTA is a great place to enjoy classical music, with a wide range of concerts and events held throughout the year. Opera Australia often performs at HOTA, so there is always something new to satisfy your soul.

Dance Performances

A range of dance performances is held at HOTA, from traditional to contemporary styles. These shows are a great way to experience the talent of local and international dancers.


Throughout the year, HOTA hosts a number of festivals and series. These include the Gold Coast Film Festival, the Gold Coast Arts Festival, and the Gold Coast Shakespeare Festival.

Talks and Ideas

HOTA is also a great place to hear from experts in various fields. These include artists, performers, and academics who share their knowledge and experience with the public through talks and discussions.

Venue Hiring

HOTA also has a range of facilities that can be hired for events, functions, and workshops. You can find out more about venue hire on the HOTA website.

Final Verdict

HOTA is a great place to enjoy the arts and culture of the Gold Coast. With a wide range of facilities and events, HOTA is an excellent spot for locals and tourists alike. No matter if you’re an art person or not, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at HOTA!

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