Cost of Rendering a Home in Melbourne

Typically, one can expect to pay around $40/m2 for a cement rendering job in the Melbourne area. Of course, the cost of the job is going to be dependant upon your specific location as well as the size and scope of the project, and the specific finish you have chosen. Due to these variables. the average home rendering project in Melbourne will range between $37/m2 to $45/m2. Looking at an example, if one expected to cover an exterior wall surface of 450 square meters, the average cost would be between $16,000 – $20,000.


How Rendering Can Help Your Home

Rendering is the process of adding a protective layer over the exterior of your home’s walls. It is not only going to add value to your Melbourne home, but it is going to aid in protection from the elements. In many cases, basic cement rendering is all that is needed for added value and protection of your home. It is important that you watch out for companies offering advanced rendering techniques that will cost twice as much. The value of these more advanced techniques is usually equal to that of cement rendering, with you as the homeowner losing out.


How a Home is Rendered

Rendering is typically created with a cement mixer to help create a consistent mixture with water. The render mixture is then applied to the home in thin and even coatings. To achieve a specific look to the home a finishing top coat or wash is applied. Depending upon the texture of the surface that was required, a top coat may be applied with a sponge, brush, or trowel. Much skill is needed to create the various textures and effects for the home.

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