Cost of Small House Rendering in Adelaide

On the average, cement rendering a small house in Adelaide will cost you $41/m2. It’s worth noting, however, that several factors influence the total cost of this service including your location, the size of the house, the scope of the project, and the finish you want.

Taking into consideration these variables, you should prepare to spend anywhere between $37/m2 and $45/m2 when rendering a small house in Adelaide. To give you a clearer idea, rendering an entire house with an exterior wall surface area measuring 450 square meters would cost $16,000 to $20,000.

Rendering Prices in Other States

Queensland enjoys the lowest average price of cement rendering at only $32/m2, while South Australia sees some of the highest rates reaching up to $62.5/m2.

In Victoria, the average cost of the service is $43/m2 while the average cost in Western Australia is $42.5/m2. New South Wales residents get to enjoy lower prices at just $35/m2.

The Different Factors that Affect Cement Rendering Cost

Aside from the variables mentioned above, other factors affect the cement rendering prices including labour costs as well as the level of skill, experience, and expertise of the provider. Generally, businesses that have been in the industry for several years with a good track record charge higher prices compared to startup companies.

In addition, you need to pay more if scaffolding is required to complete the service, which happens when the job involves hard-to-reach areas and upper-level floors. To save money, you can choose to rent scaffolding from another supplier, but don’t forget to discuss the terms with your renderer so that the cost of scaffolding will be removed from your quote.

If your house has plenty of windows, expect higher labour costs because these require more intensive work around the edges compared to cement rendering a plain wall without windows.

Lastly, the finish you want can also have a significant impact on the final price of rendering. A basic rendering job will provide a smooth finish, but many homeowners opt for a decorative touch to give their home a makeover. Embellishing your wall with a particular finish will come at a price, though, so set aside more money if you decide to take this route.

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