How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling in Brisbane and Gold Coast

It can be expensive to repair a water damaged ceiling in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is because a ceiling expert is required and they will have to identify and fix the source of the leak and then restore the ceiling to it’s former condition. Unless you want your ceiling to collapse or mould to grow in your ceilings, then this must be done.
So if you care about your home, you should immediately seek help from a professional ceiling restoration company. While exposed your ceiling can be further damaged by heavy rains!

The Average Cost of Fixing Water Damaged Ceilings in Brisbane and Gold Coast

It really depends on the extent of the damage, however the average cost of repairing a ceiling in Brisbane and Gold Coast is $2,164. The minimum you can expect to pat is $150 and the maximum is $6,000. Most costs fall somewhere between $1,214 and $2,254.

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A leaky rook is the most common cause of water damaged ceiling in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A burst pipe embedded within the walls of a house is another reason. Ceilings are typically made from drywall or plaster (also known as Gyprock). Homeowners usually only notice their roof is leaking when the see water dripping from the surface of the ceiling. The waters pools and then spreads along the ceiling until is drips in-between the ceilings panels. If you have a plaster ceiling the water will build up before dripping to the floor.

The pooled water stains the ceiling and degrades its integrity. Mould can form if the ceiling stays damp for several days and then harmful bacteria can spread through your home. As soon as you notice water on your ceiling you should call a professional restoration crew to fix it as quickly as possible.

Time it Takes To Repair

The process to restore your ceiling does take some time to complete. The first thing that needs to be done is that the dampness needs to be removed from your ceiling and or walls. Special dryers are used to dry out the damp areas. The quicker the ceilings and walls are dried the less likely mould will grow and spread.

The specific area that your ceiling is damaged and the extent of damage will determine the cost of repairing your ceiling. You’ll have to call the restoration company in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and get them to fully assess the damage before committing to an accurate quote.

Call Your Insurance Company And See Whether You’re Covered

Homeowners can spend thousands of dollars on restoration or repairs to a water damaged ceiling. But if you have insurance cover then the entire cost maybe covered. Check whether your insurance policy includes cover for water damage.

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