The Cost Of Rendering In Sydney

Depending on many factors such as the size of the structure, your location, the kind of render, and the level of service you require – the cost of rendering in Sydney could be anywhere between $30 to $50. A renderer in Sydney will usually charge per square meter. Hence, your expense would be proportionate to the size of your structure. On the other hand, the kind of render used for the project will also have an impact on the overall charges. If you live in an average home of approximately 400 square meters, you should expect to pay from $12,000 for a basic contractor and at least $20,000 for a higher quality job.


What Is Rendering?

Rendering is the process of coating the external walls of your property with a cement mix to improve the looks and performance of the wall. The process is best suited for brick and concrete walls. It is a great way to improve the external appearance of your home.


Kinds Of Render

Here are some of the common types of renders in Sydney:

Lime Render – Lime render is ideal for old standard building structures due to its flexibility.

Cement Render – This render is made of integrating cement, sand, and lime. This is a common render available in Sydney – but it is prone to cracking compared to the other types of renders.

Polymer-Modified Render – This is a kind of cement render with crack-resistant properties. It has the ability to adhere better.

Acrylic Render – This type of render is crack-resistant and quick drying. It is more expensive compared to other options on the market. But the quality compensates for the price.


How Is It Done?

The process should be handled by a qualified and trained contractor in the area. Unless you have the necessary experience, you should always work with a professional renderer in Sydney.

Cement, sand, and lime are the main components of render. Thin coats of this mixture are applied to the walls using a towel, brush, or sponge. The render can take from 24 hours to 2 weeks to totally set and dry. Acrylic render is the quickest to dry and the standard ones take the longest.

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