Ceiling Repair Costs Per Meter Squared: Sydney

In Sydney in 2018, the average cost for a ceiling installation is $48/hr. Comparatively, the costs of ceiling repair per square meter range from just $10 all the way up to $110, depending on the type of ceiling and the nature of the repair work required. Here are some example prices for various kinds of ceiling and roof repair work, based on the price per square meter:

• Sarking: $8-$10
• Concrete tile: $40-$60
• Steel: $50-$70
• Terracotta tile: $80-$110
• Traditional slate tile: $200-$500

Of course each experience will be different because every room is different. The final price will be based on many factors, such as the size of the room, the required materials to be used, and any extra finishes such as cornices and moulding. For ornate designs or many extras, you may find yourself paying as much as $55/hr for your ceiling repair.


Why You Should Repair Ceilings in a Timely Manner?

Knowing the difference between some of the different types of ceiling damage and cracks can save your home or business building. It’s good to know what kind of damage is in your home if for nothing else than your peace of mind. Unfortunately, most homeowners are completely unaware of the meaning of the various cracks in their ceilings are indicating. Being ignorant of potentially serious damage to your home is a dangerous situation to be in.

It’s important to understand that all homes, like any man-made structures, do experience some movement over the years. This is because of environmental factors such as moisture, weather, and yearly seasonal fluctuations, and also by a natural settling of the groundwork and foundations.

Ceiling cracks are nearly always the result of one of two scenarios, one serious and the other minor. The serious cause is structural damage and instability. The minor cause is natural aging of the home. Obviously, you hope that the cracks in your ceiling are nothing but cosmetic and require only simple repairs, but a more serious crack is not the end of the world. It is possible the kind of structural damage that caused the ceiling cracks can be repaired without too much trouble.

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