5 Best Commercial Ceiling Companies In The Gold Coast

Ceilings have not really been seen as being a structural element but more so as a finished surface. As such, ceilings have been thought of as an interior surface which simply covers the upper limits of any room.

These can easily be turned into beautiful works of art with exquisite decor. However, the most common type is that of the drooped ceiling and is utilized within both offices and homes.

The following are the top 5 ceiling companies located in the Gold Coast of Australia.

1 – B&R Walls And Ceilings

B&R Walls And Ceilings are the experts when it comes to drywall plastering, as well as fire rated and acoustic walls and ceilings. At B&R Walls And Ceilings, we do fits for offices, schools and shops and are licensed by Queensland Building Services Authority to carry out the Fire Rating Certification and Drywall Plastering.

Our company has demonstrated nothing but the quality which can be illustrated by our numerous awards presented by the Federation of Wall and Ceiling Industries of Australia and New Zealand as well as the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of Queensland.


2 – Superior Walls And Ceilings

Superior Walls And Ceilings has been operational for fifteen years and has grown extensively as a private workforce. Our team of both tradesmen and management possess over fifteen years in the field and aid in ensuring we have the most qualified team for every job at hand. We specialize in the commercial linings industry.


3 – Gold Coast Plasterers

At GCP, we leveraged the field having over fifteen years of delivering and serving our clients on world-class projects. We aim to continue our streak of consistency, care, friendly and an affordable service. Here at GCP, we cover the entire Gold Coast, Brisbane and all of the surrounding areas and offering the following services:

  • Insurance work
  • Renovations
  • Commercial
  • Maintenance


4 – PCP Gold Coast Plastering

At PCP Gold Coast Plastering, we have over 20 years in the industry. Our staff is qualified to meet your plastering, carpentry and painting needs as necessary. Our company has successfully worked on and extensive amount of major projects on the Gold Coast. Our tradesmen are very versed and have dealt with both residential and commercial industries alike for over two decades.


5 – PHD Interiors

PHD Interiors is the leading company when it comes to finishing interiors with a wide range of projects including both large-scale shopping centres and high-end residential renovations.

At PHD Interiors, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority and aim to exceed your highest expectations. As such, our team at PHD Interiors is highly qualified and experienced, guaranteeing the capabilities for successful project deliveries of any size, type and complexity.

Our company is leading with the use of advanced and innovative new materials within the industry, this only means that we bring our clients the best value for their money. At PHD, our dedicated project manager provides a single point of contact and oversees every job making it easier for you to contact us each and every time.

Since we coordinate with both builders and decorators, to attain exactly what our customers want, we are able to give 100% satisfied every step of the way.

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