2018 Ceiling Repair Costs in Brisbane and Gold Coast

If your ceiling is cracking and the paint is chipping you should think about getting it fixed. Major problems with your ceilings are easily identified. Have you noticed cracking noises, spots or other abnormalities? Don’t delay, call our ceiling repair specialists if you notice any of these issues.

Ceiling repair costs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast range between AU$40/hr and AU$55/hr. AU$48/hr is the average price quoted by ceiling installers. Additional charges can result from all of the following factors. Fancy moldings or cornices add additional costs as well as bigger rooms and using more expensive materials. Design that requires more attention to detail will result in hourly costs of AU$55/hr or more. Simple ceiling installations cost closer to AU$40/hr.

Cost in The Other Australian States

Home owners in Victoria pay the lowest rates, just AU$45/hr. AU48/hr in New South Wales is slightly higher than the rates in Victoria. AU$50/hr in Queensland and Western Australia is higher than both New South Wales and Victoria.

What Influences the Cost in Brisbane & Gold Cost

Basic home ceiling repair and installation quotes in Brisbane and Gold Coast can cost $200. This expectation is based on rooms of average size. Expect to pay higher costs if you require insulation or the use of expensive materials.

The overall costs of ceiling repairs in Brisbane and Gold Coast is influenced by various factors. The size of the room, the materials used and the extra finishing touches are all factors that impact the final ceiling repair cost.

Ceiling installers spend more time and use more materials on bigger rooms and therefore they have higher costs. If the ceiling is easy to install and only inexpensive materials are required then the cost will be lower. The most common material used for ceiling installation is plasterboard. The ceiling repair may require additional materials such as planks of wood, tiles or screws. These additional materials will result in higher costs. If textures, mouldings and cornices are required then this will increase the cost even further.

Now you can evaluate the various quotes you receive from ceiling installers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We hope that you choose The Master Plasterers for your ceiling repair job.

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