2018 Ceiling Repair Costs in Adelaide, South Australia

You should get your ceiling fixed if you notice cracks or the paint chipping. The telling signs of significant problems are cracking noises or spots or other abnormalities. These types of telltale signs should cause concern and you should call an expert to look at them right away.

Ceiling repair costs in Adelaide range between AU$40/hr and AU$55/hr. We’ve found that the average price quoted by ceiling installers is AU$48/hr. Additional charges can add up depending on various circumstances. The size of the room, the materials used and other finishing touches such as mouldings or cornices. Elaborate ceiling designs can result in hourly costs in excess of AU$55/hr. Expect to pay closer to AU$40/hr if the ceiling is simple.

AU$45/hr in Victoria is the lowest average rates out of all of the States. AU48/hr in New South Wales is slightly higher than the rates in Victoria. Rates in Queensland and Western Australia are the highest at AU$50/hr.

Cost For Simple Ceiling Repair Jobs

In Adelaide you can expect to pay up to $200 for basic home ceiling repair and installation. Just be mindful that these are average prices. Expect to pay higher costs if you require insulation or the use of expensive materials.

The overall costs of ceiling repairs in Adelaide is influenced by various factors. The size of the room, the materials used and the extra finishing touches are all factors that impact the final ceiling repair cost.

Bigger rooms cost more than smaller room as more time and materials is required by the ceiling installers. If the ceiling is easy to install and only inexpensive materials are required then the cost will be lower. Many homes will require plasterboard for the ceiling installation. The ceiling repair may require additional materials such as planks of wood, tiles or screws. These additional materials will result in higher costs. The total costs will increase further if additional features such as cornices, textures and mouldings are required.

Now you can evaluate the various quotes you receive from ceiling installers in Adelaide. Whatever your ceiling repair job you can trust The Master Plasterers Adealide to provide competitive quotes.

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