2017 Ceiling Repair Costs in Melbourne

When you look up and see that your ceiling is beginning to crack or its paint is chipping off, that means you have a problem that needs a quick solution from a professional technician.

If you don’t know what’s causing it, if you hear a cracking noise, or you see spots and other signs of abnormalities, you need to get the services of a ceiling expert right away before the problem worsens.

Average Labour Costs For Melbourne Ceiling Repairs

On the average, ceiling repair costs in Melbourne range from AU$40/hr to AU$55/hr, with AU$48/hr as the average price quoted by professional ceiling installers. However, they may ask for additional charges based on the size of the room, the materials they intend to use, and other finishing touches such as mouldings and cornices. For repair of ceilings with elaborate designs, a technician can charge you up to AU$55/hr. However, a simple ceiling installation job will not cost much—just about AU$40/hr.

Among Australian states and territories, Victoria has the lowest average rate for ceiling repair and installation at AU$45/hr. Residents of New South Wales pay approximately AU$48/hr for basically the same job, while those from Queensland and Western Australia pay the highest average prices for this kind of service at $50/hr.

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Average Repair Cost For Each Ceiling

On the average, a basic home ceiling repair and installation job in Melbourne will cost you around $204, which is typically the price for a room of average size. The total cost will go up, however, if you ask for more insulation or the use of more expensive materials.

Various factors can influence the ceiling repair costs in Melbourne, which could affect the overall costs. Other factors that could influence the repair costs are the type of ceiling that you have, the finishing touches you want, the materials to be used, and the size of the room.

The Cost Depends on the Materials Used:

For bigger rooms, the ceiling installers would need more time and materials, which mean additional costs. Some ceiling materials are inexpensive and easier to install, which mean reduced costs. Plasterboard is the material often used for ceiling installation. But if the technician needs to use other materials such as tiles, planks of wood, and screws, these would mean additional costs. Adding insulation, cornices, mouldings, textures, and other features will also boost the cost.

With an understanding of the ceiling repair costs in Melbourne, you may compare the quotes from a number of installers before choosing the one you will entrust your ceiling repair job.

The information in this article is courtesy of PayScale.

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