2017 Ceiling Repair Costs in Sydney

The following figures represent the 2017 ceiling repair costs in Sydney:

National average cost:   $806

Minimum cost:               $100

Maximum cost:               $3,400

Average range:               $447 – $794

2017 ceiling repair costs in Sydney seem fairer to clients as they are lower than the national average. The cost of repairing a ceiling will be majorly affected by the extent of the damage. The more the damage, the more the repair costs and vice versa. Early detection of the damage and subsequent repair will help reduce the cost of repairing the ceiling.

Similar to most home repair and upgrade jobs, the cost can be divided into two main components, the cost of materials and cost of labor. The only distinction with other home repair and upgrading jobs is that in ceiling repair jobs, labor costs far outweigh material costs. This is partly because ceiling repair jobs are manual. This means that the jobs require experienced ceiling repair professionals to do the job which is likely to cost more.

Some of the main jobs to be done when repairing the ceiling include:

  • Site preparation
  • Tools acquisition
  • Removal of furniture
  • Staging of the actual job
  • Cleanup after the job
  • Waste removal

Material costs are generally constant and will only cover around 15%-20% of the total ceiling repair costs in Sydney. Material costs depend majorly on; current ceiling type, size of the damaged area and extent of the damage to other fixtures around the ceiling.

Other factors including the level of detail to be done and additional fixtures to be added may also drive the cost upwards.

Having a professional do your repair work will likely cost you more but the job that they will do is likely to last longer. When hiring a person to do your repair work, it is important that they have enough experience to perform a credible job.

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